The Dolphin Swim Club

The Dolphin Swim Club 

Marijke Sjollema- An artist who divides her time between her studios in the North of the Netherlands, under sea level, and Sweden, at the seaside. There she leads a quite life, spending most of her time in the studio.She leans on a long tradition of Dutch painting and drawing, but also works with photography, film and installations. Inspired by all life in and around the sea.

But than, always up for a cetacean adventure of some kind. Ever since she first encountered, by chance, a wild dolphin, in 1993, she has been traveling to meet and sometimes swim with free dolphins and whales all over the world.

“As an artist I work with the imagination, creating just out of the joy of it. Nothing has spoken more to my imagination than looking into the eye of a cetacean. To listen to their language, being part of an unknown acoustic world. In the 22 years of doing this, I have found wonderful friends, cetacean and human, and have seen so many people being profoundly moved by the experience. People change, they get happier, more open, they get stars in their eyes. To start living according to what we know is true. I have even witnessed some remarkable healings. Dolphins and whales are magic, and miracles are never far away.

This is the experience we would like to share with you. For anyone who can’t be out there in the oceans, (all the time) this new technology will bring them home to you. There are so many amazing films about dolphins and whales, but with this new technology for the first time, you are coming pretty close to actually being there. I was so amazed by he effect of virtual reality glasses that I got the vision how cool it would be to bring experiencing the cetacean world onto dry land, for all. Moreover and dear to my heart, without having to lock up and abuse dolphins and whales in these dreadful places called aquariums or amusement parks.

And even more so, since there are such wonderful results in the area of healthcare, we would like to find out if swimming with dolphins trough virtual reality might have a similar healing effect. Where easy access might be of great benefit. As well as for dolphins who might not to be kept captive for this purpose.While using your private Virtual Reality viewer, don’t forget to put your headphones on, as sound is such an important element. Listen with your hart. What are they telling you?”

You can find it all on our website, where a really cool preview of the experience is available on our special App, suitable for most smartphones.