Exhibitions 2016

the Netherlands | Enkhuizen

Exhibitions 2015


KonstMajrundan 2015
Marijke Sjollema
14-17 may 2015
11.00 – 17.00

Borgholm Öland


improvisaties op wind,wad en water
May 29 to September 26, 2015

Galerie de Vis- Harlingen
simultaneously Belvedere Museum Heerenveen

Galerie de Vis
Noorderhaven 40
8861 an Harlingen

Thursday / Friday 12:30 to 17:00
Saturday 11:00 to 17:00 and by appointment.

Museum Belvedere
Oranje Nassaulaan 12
8448 mt Heerenveen

Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 to 17:00

Kunst aan de haven

A new art trail around the museum harbor in the center of Leeuwarden!

On deck of the tugboat Schiedam (Willemskade 66) the installation; ‘Under water above water’ can be seen,
On the Willemskade 14 works from the series; ‘Oceans’

When? Sixth and June 7th 2015
From 11.00 to 17.00starting points of the route; Theatre De Harmonie, Kiosk Grutsk and ARKfryslân



Ölands museum Himmelsberga 
i Vita Huset
Himmelsberga Bygata 1
38792 Borgholm Öland

Målning och teckningar med
Gunilla Martinsson, Börje O. Holm och Marijke Sjollema

31juli to 13 augusti 2015
open all days from 11:00 to 17:30


Ölands Skördefest 2015
Öppet Ateljé i Lofta! Välkomna!

Lofta Kustväg 8
38791 Borgholm

Fre: 25 september 11.00 till i alla fall 24.00
Lör: 26 september 11.00 till 17.00
Sön:27 september 11.00 till 17.00


Kunstmaand Ameland

October 31 / November 29, 2015

Exhibitions 2014

Ölands Skördefest Sweden 25-28 September 2014

During the Skördefest on Öland my work will be on show at the following locations;

Ölands museum Himmelsberga
‘Konstlandskapet Öland’

Sat 20 Sept (vernissage) 11.00-17.30
Sun 21 Sept 11.00-17.30
Thurs 25 Sept 11.00-17.30
Friday 26 Sept 11.00- 22.00!
Sat 27 Sept 11.00-22.00!
Sun 28 Sept 11.00-17.30

Stenhallen – Borgholm
(hörnet Storgatan/Hantverkaregatan)
Föreningen Konstmajrundan

Friday 26 Sept 11.00-24.00
Sat 27 Sept 11.00-24.00
Sun 28 Sept 11.00-16.00

ateljé bLOFTA
Lofta Kustväg 8
38791 Borgholm, Sweden

During the Skördefest on Öland I will open my private studio for visitors.
You are very welcome to come and watch the exhibition,
have a chat with us, and enjoy a cup of pumpkin-soup!

There will be some signed prints available at very reasonable prices.
Opening hours;
Thurs 25 Sept 11.00-17.00
Friday 26 Sept 11.00-24.00
Sat 27 Sept 11.00-24.00
Sun 28 Sept 11.00-17.00
+46 (0)72 5408111

Gallerie de Vis Harlingen (April 5 – June 22 2014)

Gallerie de Vis
Noorderhaven 40
8861 AN Harlingen
tel 0517-417116

from Thursday / Friday
12:30 to 17:00 pm
11:00 to 17:00 pm
and by appointment

Realisme, Amsterdam

In January 2014 my work will be represented by galerie de Vis at Realisme, de beurs voor hedendaagse figuratie, in Amsterdam.

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam
Piet Heinkade 27 Amsterdam

January 16 to 19
daily from 11:00 to 19:00
evening opening on Wednesday 15
January 18:00 to 22:00


Exhibitions 2013

Ölands Skördefest (27-29 September 2013)

On show by invitation from Majrundan.
Skördefest 2013 on the Baltic Island of Oland,
I Stenhallen- Storgatan/Handverkaregatan, in Borgholm.
Friday 27 September, 11 in the morning till midnight,
Saturday 28 September, 11 in the morning till midnight,
Sunday 29 September, 11 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon.

Kloosterkapel Bergen (18-27 October)

Kloosterkapel Bergen

Nesdijk 31
Landgoed Merici

Open from 18 October until 27 from 10:00 to 17:00

New work from ‘Oceans‘ wil be displayed here.

Exhibitions 2012

Ölands Skördefest  (28-30 september 2012)

Öppettider Skördefesten-
fredag-28 september  11-24
lördag-29 september  11-24
söndag-30 september 11-17

Marijke Sjollema
Lofta kustväg 8
(Norr om Djupvik)

The paintings and drawings  of Marijke Sjollema are inspired by nature, and especially Öland.
There is the earth with flowers, oceans, all kinds of animals and people,
and there is the cosmos with the moon,sun and the stars.
Her work has been exhibited in numeral galery’s and several museums in Europe.

After spending summers on Öland since 1996, the Frisian(a Dutch region, but with an own language and culture)
artist and her husband have newly build a house and studio on the lovely Lofta coast.
A place to work and enjoy every season on the island.
You are very welcome to meet us and have a look in the studio.


Work in stock:

Galerie de Vis
Noorderhaven 40
8861 AN Harlingen

Exhibitions 2011

Centrale Hal van Academie Minerva (may 18 2011 to may 30)

On wednesday 18 may 2011 at 17:00 in the Central Hall of the Minerva Academy exhibition “Ancient Heroes, Young Masters” opens. For more information see the invitation.

Group Exhibition Friesland Bank, Leeuwarden (June 2011)

30 years galerie de Vis

Oldeberkoop (30 July to 28 August)

After a tour of Amsterdam, Groningen, Porjus (Lapland) and Jokkmokk (Lapland), a number of works from the series ‘Aurora Borealis’ can be seen this summer in Friesland.

During the 40th anniversary art route Open Stal in the picturesque village of Oldeberkoop, surrounded by woods and heaths. For further information and opening hours see www.openstal.nl

Exhibitions 2010

Gallery de Lawei (28 February / April 3)

A theme exhibition about fire and women with Maria Jager, Regina van Oosten en Marijke Sjollema.

Exhibition Space de Galerij
Schouwburg de Lawei
Mayor Wuiteweg 24 (entrance Gauke Boelensstraat)
On Sunday 28th February at 20:00 the exhibition will be opened in the presence of the artists with a performance of Denise Rivera! Flamengogroep & Flamenco Candela. Denise Rivera, (known for world tours
including Enrique Iglesias and Nacho Cano) will sing not only for us but also posed for one of the works of Sjollema.
And recently she has launched a stunning new album, Un Nuevo Ser.


Exhibition vititing times

Wednesday to Sunday 14.00-17.00, prior to, during the break, and after the performances.


Aurora Borealis (January 12 -31 May 2010)

The series ‘Aurora Borealis’ will still display until the end of May in the nature and Sami Museum
in Jokkmokk, Sweden

Svenskt Fjäll-och samemuseum
Kyrkogatan 3
Jokkmokk, Zweden

Exhibitions 2009

Aurora Borealis (12 Januari – 31 May 2010)

‘Aurora Borealis’ , a collection of paintings with the Nordic Lights as theme will be on
show till the last of may at the Ájtte-nature and Sami museum located in Jokkmokk, Sweden.

Svenst Fjäll-och samemuseum
Kyrkogatan 3
Jokkmokk, Sweden


Aurora Borealis (march to september 2009)

Arctic Colors Galleri
982 60 Porjus Sweden

Click here for the program!

From March to September 2009 the series ‘Aurora Borealis’ will be on show in the Arctic Colors Galleri in Swedish Lapland, owned by English photographer Patricia Cowern.

Exhibitions 2008

Leven op de maan (September 6 to October 8)

Works on paper together with Tomas Hillebrand

Gallerie Smits
Fokke Simonzstraat 29
1017 TD Amsterdam