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  • Genius loci

    “After the drawing is done, I cut away everything that became superfluous”


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    Genius loci

    “Somehow the work of Marijke Sjollema reminds me of the work of the symbolic artists of late 19th century. Her way of working is influenced a little by Munch I’d say. Contemporary colors and characters that look very tempting, but would preferably eat you raw with skin and hair. Her world seems sweet and innocent, but under the suface lies a mist of mysticism. I also admire her collage technique in which a work becomes one with the carrier or the background. The fragility is also emphasized by the watercolor on paper, the lightness of the cuttings by presenting it without a framework.
    ”Isolde de Buck, october 2008 on: www.galeries.nl
  • Aurora borealis

    “Baby, we’re just dancing in the dark, playing flyball in the park”


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    Aurora borealis

    As a child in Friesland I slept under a woolen blanket. On the corner of that blanket there was a label was sewn with a picture of a snow landscape with a reindeer with impressive antlers. He towed a sled heavily loaded with warm blankets. In between the blankets laid a very comfortable baby. This whole scene was lit by the aurora borealis, in many colors in the sky. I had slightly removed a bit of the stitches to see on the other side where the colors came from. The long and brightly colored wires made everything even more mysterious. (As we grow older we gain knowledge, in exchange for our belief in miracles, and it is of course the art to retake those miracles). I always had look at it, although I could not yet read.
    Later I lived in Canada and before I went to sleep I saw the real northern lights shining trough the curtains. Sometimes we had a party outside in the snow, as 17 or 18 year olds do, with lots of noise from the car stereo, a large fire, and above in the sky the dancing northern lights. We had no idea how lucky we really were at the time.

    Years later, during a clear August evening, when the nights on Öland already where turning dark, we went outside under warm blankets. We searched the sky for falling stars. The aurora suddenly appeared as a circle on the horizon, and danced into my life like a faded memory.

    This is how Aurora Borealis series was born.

    And after the longest of nights
    the dark sea froze
    And broke, a thousand rainbows, into my world.
    In the light of dawn I saw you
    beside me
    all this time.

    And now,now when the night falls upon us once more
    we will stay awake and
    greet our sister Moon, dance with the Northern Lights and tell our stories.

  • Humble Trees

    Hekapollo LauLau says: ‘Humble Trees bare more fruit’


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    Humble Trees

    Water, ik zit in een boot
    en roei met de riemen die ik heb.
    Mist, ik laat me met de stroming meegaan.
    Er doemen schimmen op. De wereld achter een sluier.
    Ik zie hun ogen, ze kijken me aan en tonen, heel even, een ziel.
    Dan sluiten ze, naar binnen, dimmen.
    Nu vogelgeluiden, ze maken wind met veren
    Ik voel een leeuw in mijn buik brullen.
    Walvis geeft antwoord, het lied van gekende oceanen.
    Flarden van verhalen vervliegen in zonlicht.
    Ik zit in een koloriet die je alleen kunt voelen,
    en bereik de kust.


    My sister and I took a boat-trip with a Dutch couple that has befriended pods of Dolphins and Whales around the island of Tenerife. They have the habit of visiting them several weeks a year with guests on board. One of the guests spoke about her concern and frustration about the recent slaughtering of Pilot Whales on the Faroe Islands, part of Denmark, 2049 nautical miles (3795 kilometres) to the North. We all shared her grief and shame and we felt a deep compassion for these amazing creatures.
    There was a splendid sound-system on board, and the ’belly’ of the boat would enhance the sounds, so it could travel far under water. We played them the Gayatri-mantra. An ancient prayer chant, one of the oldest known.

    Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
    Savitur Varenyam
    Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
    Dhiyo Yonah;

    Immediately a large number of pilot whales surfaced from that vast Atlantic Ocean.
    They stayed beside and under the boat for several hours, appearing to enjoy our company and the music. There was even a clearly newborn whale allowed to swim near the boat, along with several slightly older offspring and many adults.
    We sat on board speechless, so much interest and trust from their part, we felt as honoured guests welcomed into their world. An unforgettable experience
    That night, back in our room in the hotel, I was woken up by what appeared to be a consciousness of the Whale, or maybe I was still dreaming?
    Friendly, Gentle, and somewhat in a formal manner I was asked to note down the following:

    The answer from the Pilot Whales

    Yes, we know fear and pain like you.
    But we also have great knowledge about transition and we release our mortal bodies easily to glide over to the other side. We Whales have no relations with what you call trauma. We release the experience of dying. We have knowledge of living in the present moment. That is life for us.
    We however, do feel a sense of lack when our numbers decrease.
    This gives us the experience of having to intensify our tasks.
    This being the singing and weaving of energy-frequencies for Mother Earth.
    We swim these lines to keep them ‘energized’.

    We Whales are beings of the heart.
    In this we possess great power.
    It is our choice to use this power to keep these heart-connections together.
    Flowing from this comes that we don’t use our power to do harm.
    Amongst our Whale Nation are the largest creatures of the Mother.
    Never have we used our strength to harm a human nor any of your vessels.
    When did that ever happened?

    All life is particular sacred for us.

    We, who you have met during the last sun-up, We as this family pod of Pilot-Whales, have chosen as a specific task to open or intensify these heart-connections within humans as well as other Beings.
    We need your help with connecting the heart-energy of the Mother Earth, that we are all part of, now that we are less numerous than before.
    We Whales have knowledge from the energy when Heaven was on Earth.
    We Whales love to work together with All Beings who rejoice in the return of this energy. We rejoice ourselves as well.

    In the past state of Heaven on Earth the seeds are planted. And it is up to us All to bring them to flowering. These seeds are planted in the hearts of all life and they direct us as long as we follow our hearts direction to the weaving of the pattern of equilibrium, the perfect balance between the female and the male principle.
    That is what Heaven on Earth means.
    This also explains why so many females hear the calling of the seed, to restore the balance. When we call you through the seed in your hearts you will feel a longing to follow your most joyful, heartfelt vision about what your life can bring you to experience.
    Trough these seeds in the hearts of every being what some of you call Paradise has never left us.

    We give you the image of a sea-anemone.
    This flower in the Oceans opens and closes herself like a heart-throb and passing trough Universal Energy, breathing a flow of heart’s energy of love into it.
    Help us, and our Sisters and Brothers the Elephants and the Spider, who share our mission on the continents.
    Follow your hearts and nourish your seeds, look for a life in a place and surrounded by friends who are a fertile soil for you, and bring yourselves to bloom.

    Thank you for your song, when we hear these sounds we know that amongst you are those who share our knowledge. May we even be so bold as to say Wisdom, as it comes from our beloved Mother Earth whom we all may embody.
    This gives us great comfort and JOY.

    As written down by Marijke Sjollema in the night of the 22nd of October 2008.
    Acantilado de los Gigantes, the Isle of Tenerife.

    (I have tried to translate this text in correct English.  It is not my native language, so if you find a mistake please  email me at contact@marijkesjollema.nl

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